Airboat Tour Information

We have two airboats available full time!  Have a large group? No problem! Call for details.

We Offer 4 Different Tours:

* 1 Hour Eco Tour *

* 1/2 Hour Fun Run *

* 1 Hour Sunset Tour *

* 1/2 Hour Night Tour *

Seasonal Tour Times:

Spring / Fall: Between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

Summer: Between 8:00am and 11:00am

1 Hour Sunset: Times vary monthly. Call for details.

         Night Tours start appriximately 30 minutes after official sunset.

Tours are available 7 days a week!

Please see below for details.

1 Hour Eco Tour                        (4 Person Minimum)

Our Eco Tour is a highly educational tour. We will show you plants, trees, flowers, birds, and alligators. This is our most in-depth tour, we are happy to tailor the tour according to your interests. This tour is recommended for photographers and anyone interested in learning about our native wildlife. Ask all the questions you like on the Eco Tour, we are happy to answer them all! There are so many wonderful places and things to see in the Delta!

We offer a Sunset Tour, this is 1 Hour Eco Tour at 7:00pm during the summer. 6 Person Minimum. Call for details!

1/2 Hour Fun Run                            (4 Person Minimum)

The Fun Run is just as it sounds... a fast airboat ride, with lots of whips and turns! This is our more wild tour, we will still look for alligators, but this tour is not devoted to education. We will provide a fun, fast airboat ride that the entire family will love and we will surprise everyone with what our airboat can do!

1 Hour Sunset Tour          (6 Person Minimum)

The 1 Hour Sunset tour is a photographer's dream! It offers everything the 1 Hour Eco Tour provides plus a gorgeous sunset. We start the tour off with education and sightseeing and finish it up by watching a beautiful Alabama sunset. The Delta is absolutely breath taking at sunset! Because official sunset varies, please call for times and details.

1/2 Hour Night Tour                            (6 Person Minimum)

The Night Tour is also called, “The Alligator Adventure”. This tour is devoted to the alligators.

Night time is the only time you are guaranteed to see alligators. Some will be babies or we may see the 13’ Monster! This tour allows us to get closer to the alligators, during the day they can hide much easier. The alligators feed at night, which brings them into open water. We have a large spotlight onboard which allows us to see the alligators from great distances...their eyes shine! This tour is at night, so it is dark, on this tour, we only see alligators.

**The Night Tour is extremely seasonal. Temperatures, Weather Fronts, and Wind all play a large role in our Night Tour availability. Please call for availability! **

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